Friday, 20 May 2016

Twitter competition!

Retweet for a chance to win 2 tickets to the Saturday 4th June performance of Super Global Mega Incorporated: Turbo, and a A3 poster signed by the entire gang!

Monday, 21 March 2016

Super Global Mega Incorporated: Turbo. Leicester Square Theatre, 2nd & 4th June 2016.

We're delighted to announce that Bad Bat's next show will be ‘Super Global Mega Incorporated: Turbo’ – a comedy sketch show from sketch group 'Global Mega Incorporated' following their eponymous sell-out debut in 2015. Featuring new material alongside the best sketches from their barnstorming debut, plus new exciting words in the show title – did you spot them? Go check, we'll wait for you...

The show runs at the Leicester Square Theatre on Thursday June 2nd and Saturday June 4th, 7pm. Tickets are £10.


The eponymous company does a bit of everything, from investigating past lives to launching missions into outer space. Consider the show a grand tour of the world’s most ludicrous enterprise, with a host of insane, depressing and taxing characters, as well as many other adjectives stolen from the difficulty setting of the Lemmings computer game. Did you get that? No? You suck.

Think the traditions of Monty Python, Fry & Laurie and The League of Gentlemen, mixed in a lunch box with some bats and the worst job you’ve ever had – but mostly just the lunch box.

Reviews from Global Mega Incorporated's sell out debut in 2015.

★★★★ '... absurdist humour that would have done the Monty Python team proud... not only was it funny, it was thought-provoking.' - Female Arts.

★★★★ - 'Jordan's writing is carefully thought out, with the characters growing on you the more you spend time with them, so he does indeed manage to tick the truly funny box... confidence and high-energy... You can tell they're all having a lot of a fun together in this show, and it seeps out into the performance... a relatable parody of big business which promises a good time.' - Views from the Gods.

Written by Steve Jordan & Adam Joselyn. Additional material by Ellen Gallagher, Emma Stirling & Robert Dearn.
Starring Adam Joselyn, Emma Stirling, Robert Dearn, Ellen Gallager and Steve Jordan.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

The Reviews

Selected praise for The Ghost Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore. The show ran at the Tristan Bates Theatre in March 2016 to sold out audiences.
'A terrific night out, creating a beautiful fusion of the finest form of horror literature with fabulously dynamic performances to bring a delicate mix of nuance, horror, metaphor and dark humour to life...' - James Bacon, Forbidden Planet International.

★★★★ - 'The cast shows considerable versatility in adapting to their various scenarios... while this variety show is wickedly funny and mostly campish in tone, there are also some genuine frights as the coups de théâtre.' - Anton Bitel, The Horror Show.

'A quietly creepy, witty tour of modernday horror with an authentically 19th century ring...' - Remote Goat.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

The Cast

'We are delighted to announce the cast of The Ghost Train Doesn’t Stop Here Anymore, which will run at the Tristan Bates Theatre from the 7th to the 19th of March. 

Our hostess is the legendary Jenny Runacre … who has worked with Cassavetes, Pasolini, Antonioni, Ridley Scott, Freddie Francis, Tony Richardson, Derek Jarman and now Sean Hogan.  

Our Monsters are … Claire Louise Amias as the Vampire, Jamie Birkett as the Broken Doll, Billy Clarke as the Frankenstein Monster, Jonathan Rigby as the Devil and James Swanton as the Ghost, with Grace Ker as the Ticket Inspector.  

The play is written by Christopher Fowler, Stephen Gallagher, Sean Hogan, Kim Newman, Lynda E. Rucker, Robert Shearman and Lisa Tuttle.  It’s a Bad Bat Production, produced by Ellen Gallagher and Steve Jordan.  Book your tickets here.' - Kim Newman

Words and images from

Pictured from left to right: Kim Newman (co-writer), Jamie Birkett, James Swanton, Grace Ker, Billy Clarke, Sean Hogan (director), Claire Louise Amias, Jonathan Rigby, Jenny Runacre.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

The Ghost Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore

We're thrilled to announce that Bad Bat's next theatre production will be The Ghost Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore.

Five people are invited to a fancy dress party on a vintage steam train. The guests were told come in costume as their favourite monster... and every monster has a story to tell.

The Ghost Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore is a new portmanteau horror play, bringing to the theatre the flavour of vintage Amicus anthologies like Tales from the Crypt and Dr Terror’s House of Horrors. With segments written by acclaimed authors Christopher FowlerStephen GallagherKim NewmanRobert ShearmanLynda E. Rucker and Lisa Tuttle ... wraparound story by director Sean Hogan.

Produced by Ellen Gallagher and Steve Jordan for Bad Bat Productions.

The show will debut at the Tristan Bates Theatre in Covent Garden, and will run 7 - 19 March 2016, Monday to Saturday. Tickets £15 / £13 concessions.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Bad Bat at Fantasycon

Bad Bat founders Ellen Gallagher and Steve Jordan will be attending this year's Fantasycon (beginning Friday 23rd October). Here are the panels where you can find them!

Room: Conference Theatre - Friday: 7.00pm Funtasy: Comedy & Humour in Genre Fiction - Arguably the greatest legacy of Sir Terry Pratchett was to prove that fantasy can be funny without reducing its power to tell great stories and move readers. But it is a delicate balance — being funny can be a serious business. Our panel discusses uses of humour in genre. Hilarity ensues.
  • what is the role and effect of humour in fantasy writing?
  • what type of funny? Narrative tone, situation, language, character etc.
  • different humour for different readers eg. humour for YA readership; ‘broad’ humour, matters of taste
  • how can you tell it is funny when you write it?
  • does a humorous book have to be a comedy? How to balance humour with action, suspense, tragedy, darkness etc.
  • which genre writers make us laugh?
Moderator: Donna Scott
Panellists: Frances Hardinge, Steve Jordan, Heather Lindsley, Terry Newman, Craig Saunders
Room: Suite 1 - Saturday: 3.00pm Agent Charter: From Pitch to Deal and Beyond - How to know if an agent right for you, or if you are right for an agent. This panel shares its thoughts on their role as agents, and gives the low-down on interacting with writers and publishers.
  • what do they look for and what have they seen way too much of?
  • how to pitch to agents and why are they so hard to get?
  • beyond the book deal: why else do you need an agent?
  • the agent-writer relationship: when it works and when it doesn’t
Moderator: Jared Shurin
Panellists: Meg Davis, Ellen Gallagher, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Juliet Mushens, John Wordsworth
Room: Suite 1 - Saturday: 7.00pm Script & Screen: Writing Genre for TV & Film - Writing for the screen is uncharted territory for many fiction writers and requires not only different writing disciplines but an understanding of different markets. Our panel discusses the business and technicalities of genre scriptwriting.
  • the marketability of genre material in the TV & film industries
  • are trends in genre TV/film aligned with genre fiction? Do the big successes (eg. Potter, GoT, Marvel) dictate trends?
  • key differences in writing prose fiction and scripts
  • pitching & selling speculative scripts for TV or film
  • adapting books for the screen: the process, copyright issues etc.
  • how to get a screenwriting agent (and do you need one?)
Moderator: Catherine Hill
Panellists: Jason Arnopp, Ellen Gallagher, Stephen Gallagher, Stephen Volk, Gavin Williams

Thursday, 13 August 2015

King Chaos reviews!

Reviews from the Camden Fringe debut of King Chaos.

★★★★ - 'Bad Bat have established themselves as seriously hot talent in sci-fi comedy and will surely continue to capitalise on that well-earned reputation. In space, no one can hear you scream. In the Tristan Bates, everyone can you hear you laughing. Because you are.' - Views from the Gods

★★★★ - '... the arguments made for 'pragmatism versus idealism when in power' make a lasting impression, especially as Tyler and Gary are essentially Trinculo and Stefano (from The Tempest) who find they unwittingly actually have the power to change things' - Female Arts

'King Chaos sets a cracking pace right from the start and never lets up. All (the cast) are excellent and clearly having fun – their enjoyment is infectious. Writer, producer and director, Steve Jordan has created a wonderfully silly and comic sci-fi universe that, with all its nods and winks to other works, stands very much on its own two feet.' - Camden Fringe Voyeur

'The small cast of four very contrasting characters are an absolute delight to watch. The entire hour of the play is joke after joke so there is very little pause between laughs... would make a great television show (Blackadder meets Dr Who) with its fun-filled adventures...' - A Younger Theatre

'King Chaos is, without a doubt, the nerdiest piece of theatre I have seen in a long time. And it was hilarious... possibly the best feature of this show is that, under its light-hearted, comical surface, it is a subtle but perceptive commentary on political manipulation and the dangers of extreme power. It is intelligent and uplifting, touching on intense themes whilst maintaining its playful nature.' - London Theatre 1

'The idea of absolute power corrupting absolutely, no matter what side you think you’re on, is neatly conveyed, the political points made clear but never upstaging the fun and spirit of the show... wonderful, clever comedy...' - Remote Goat

'The lovable characters and witty, at times deep, remarks on issues are the charm of the play... King Chaos absolutely succeeds in making the audience imagine the different settings of an imperial spaceship. Bad Bat Productions is playing to their strengths by not forcedly putting on a cheap sci-fi stage but focusing on doing justice to the script instead.' - West End Wilma