Monday, 17 November 2014

The Double Bill

Pilgrim Shadow returns to the stage for a three night run next week! The show will play alongside Ray Newell's A Recipe for Disaster at the Dugdale Centre in North London. Book your tickets now!

Reviews from Pilgrim Shadow's 2013 Camden Fringe debut:

★★★★ - 'Jordan carries on this seething, bubbling resentment and pathetic longing masterfully... (the cast) carry the comedy and characterisation off flawlessly... It's a classic contrast and one that the pair, all bluster and wide eyes respectively, work beautifully. As ever, if on TV ... their pairing I suspect would be seen as one of the greats.' - Views from the Gods. Full review here.

★★★★ - 'A hilarious, unusual Sci-Fi excursion... exciting and hilarious science fiction... the snappy interactions between Chapman and Joselyn bring a great atmosphere... a parody of a futuristic sci-fi blockbuster crammed into a 60 minute stage play and somehow this is achieved with rather a lot of brilliance!' - Remote Goat. Full review here.

'Terrific Fun... Cliff Chapman as Tyler and Adam Joselyn as Gary really embrace their roles – Tyler is all exaggerated patience and tragicomic dignity like Harold Steptoe... Gary bounces up and down with excitement like an ADHD rabbit... Here’s hoping there are more episodes coming our way ... these mini-sitcoms could be as good as anything on BBC3!' - Camden Fringe Voyeur.

'Had an excellent time... The acting was again top notch... The story worked well... It is a mark of a good play when it is only when it finishes you realise your chair has been pretty uncomfortable!' - Graeme Hurry, editor of KZINE and formerly Kimota.

'Pilgrim Shadow ... is ace. Fanboy humour and Bennett pathos as two outlaws try to get mitts on space booty.' - Dan Green, author of the bestselling Basher Science series.

'Like Black Books meets Bottom… laugh-out-loud funny... some strikingly clever moments.' - Annexe Magazine.

'Steve Jordan's new play combines elements of two of the best sitcoms of the last century – Blackadder and Red Dwarf... laughs throughout ... will make it impossible for anyone who sees it to describe Brokeback Mountain in a game of charades in any way other than how they do it here. ' - One Stop Arts.

'... brings together warp speed and witty one-liners in ways that are, well, out of this world... a lot of fun...' - A Younger Theatre.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Double Bill Cast Bios

The Cast

Cliff Chapman is a professional actor and voiceover artist,
represented by Meredith Westwood Management and London VO. Born in Leicester, brought up in the Isle of Man and escaping to London in 2009 to train, he has enjoyed a variety of roles across stage, screen and audio in the last five years, including a long standing association with Liar's League. He also writes and directs. He enjoyed working with Steve Jordan ever since he let him play an evil imaginary version of The Doctor in 2011 and looks forward to being a part of more adventures for Tyler and Gary. His website is and please follow him on Twitter via @CliffChapman.

Adam Joselyn has been acting since the age of 12, when he joined Anna’s Management. He attended weekly acting workshops through this agency between the ages of 12 and 24, when he left to join a new agent. Aged 15, Adam landed a lead role in Who’s the Daddy Now, a pilot for Carlton television, where he acted alongside Lenny James. Aged 18, he got the part of Simon in the pilot episode of The Inbetweeners. Although much of the cast was later re-cast, E4 commissioned the first series of the popular show off the back of the pilot episode. More recently Adam appeared in a FilmFour short film My Song. In the last 12 months he has also featured in a promo for Play with a Legend as well as playing Rick in web-series The Takeaway, and James in Loophole.  In August 2014 Adam will made his feature film debut, playing Giles in The Inbetweeners 2. This is Adam’s fourth collaboration with writer/director Steve Jordan, after successful runs of Dead Static in 2012, Pilgrim Shadow in 2013 and The Probleming in 2014. Adam is represented by SEA Personal Management.

Robert Ashford trained at East 15 Acting school. Previous acting roles include; Physicist in Project X (Tradesecrets), Orlando in As you like it (fast and loose theatre company), Hamlet in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead (Enigma Theatre), and Greek Chorus in Timbre (TornApart Theatre). Short film roles include; Jack in The Tell-Tale Heart (Oxygen Productions) and Father John in Hidden War (Beyond Wrong). Most recently he performed in two operas, first as Toby the Mute in The Medium and Simon Booker in The Impresario (both with Opera Alegria). He is very excited to be performing in Recipe for Disaster, and has thoroughly enjoyed working with Bad Bat Productions.