Saturday, 18 March 2017


We'd like to thank every single one of these people for being awesome enough to help our science fiction sitcom come to life. On behalf of the entire Bad Bat team - thank you for supporting us!

Most Excellent Lord High Overlord Executive Producers

Steve Herbert
Steve Thomson
Jonathan Adelman
Stuart Still
Stephen Hazelton
Richard Thomson
Keith Evans
Marilyn Gallagher
Matthew Thomas Piccaver

Lord High Executive Producers

Mo Lloyd
Peter Muscutt
Gareth Alexander
Debs Gwinnell
David Combe

Executive Producers

L J Isbister
Tony Saunders
David Newland
Chris Newman
Graeme Hurry
Chris Moore
Michael Hudson

Pledge Squadron

Stephen Gallagher
Gary Parr
Linda Parmenter
Patrick Baker
Les Joselyn
Zoe Mcaden
Sweta Rana
Alan Graham
Helen Wark
Andrew Greenwood
Sergio Iacobucci
Simon Brittain
James Huntrods
Cassie Fagelman
Robert Gallagher
Chris Jordan
Alana Honig
Ayvianna Snow
Michael Bass
Nicole Joselyn
Natalya Dorfman
David Anderson
Sam Murray
Katherine Rodriguez
Christian Morrall
Rupert Osborne
Lee simons
Jeremy Lawrence
Ash Stewart
Michelle Flower
Sam Baron
Stephen Russell
Nic Matlage
Guy Adams
Danny Stack
Peter Baker
Alex McDonald-Smith
Sheryl A
Charles RB
Jonathan Gilbert
Marco Petrucco
Gary Ruddock
Andrew Lawston
Carrie Cohen
Leonora Barton
Matthew Renshaw
John Quirk
Michael Eckett
Cássia Colling
Leigh Harris
Gillian Hardy
Chris Silles
Dan Sefton
Daniel Krieger
Paul Heather

Saturday, 4 March 2017


84 backers pledged £4,148 to help bring our new science fiction sitcom to life!

Here's our project update from the Kickstarter page:

Hi everyone! Just a quick message to say – we've made it! With just under 3 days to go, we've just hit our £4000 funding goal. Incredible. The generosity and enthusiasm of our backers has been genuinely unbelievable - there are not enough words to show our gratitude, but we'll be throwing as many of them as we can your way in the coming days! On behalf of myself, Ellen, Cliff, Rob, Emma & Adam - THANK YOU.
Tyler and Gary’s galactic expedition of thievery and swearing is GO. They’ll be proper chuffed with themselves.'
2 episodes of the show will be recording in late March, with a view to release the episodes commercially as soon as humanly possible. Kickstarter pledgers can expect all their rewards by the end of May 2017!