Saturday, 9 June 2018

Future Boys: Back to the Start!

With 'Empire of Monsters' being released next week, now is the perfect time to go back to the start! Every single previous Future Boys adventure is available to download or watch in one form or another - and the entire back catalogue of adventures is completely free! Journey from Tyler and Gary's first meeting, to the treasure hunting, the empire conquering, the heists, the thrills, the spills, all the way up to their first novella - 'Empire of Monsters', which is available on Amazon right now!


You're now up to date!

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Empire of Monsters

Monsters are real. 

In the husk of an abandoned city, ghosts haunt the streets, dinosaurs hunt in the parks and mythical creatures stalk the neighborhood. The only human survivors have been forced back to an encampment on the outskirts. 

Kate remembers the city before the monsters appeared, and is prepared to fight to reclaim it from them. Zing, the youngest, has only ever known a life behind the walls of the encampment - but that's about to change. Tyler and Gary, two petty criminals on the run, realise they've landed in hot water when their spacecraft crashes nearby. 

The monsters are getting more aggressive, and supplies are dwindling. Will they escape? Will the monsters get them?

The Future Boys return! Bad Bat Books presents Empire of Monsters, a new novella from Steve Jordan, available to pre-order now on Amazon. Out June 14th!