A Hero's Journey

A HERO'S JOURNEY by Steve Jordan and Patrick Baker

While teaching dramatic structure to a class of illiterate imbeciles, Matthew finds himself at the centre of his own 'hero's journey'. Driven by jealousy of his irritatingly successful best friend, Matthew must pull himself away from late-night showings of The Wizard of Oz to finally prove his 'genius'. However, the greatest obstacle in his path is 'The Doctor', the personification of Matthew's own self-loathing, manifested as a twisted version of Peter Davison's kindly Doctor Who that only Matthew can hear or see. Can Matthew defeat his personal demon and achieve the success he may or may not deserve?

'Deeply absorbing ... an affirmative act of bloody-minded creation.' - On the Fringe.

'A surreal and dark look at the life of a nerd.' - Fringe Review.

' ... a number of entertaining and comedic moments ... ' - Remote Goat.

'Solid work performed with authority to full houses by an excellent pro cast.'  -  Stephen Gallagher.

Performances produced by ManMoth Productions:
Etcetera Theatre, Camden. 17th, 18th and 19th August 2011.