Global Mega Incorporated

‘Global Mega Incorporated’ - a comedy sketch show about the tribulations of a wayward corporation on the brink of destruction.

Led by the bombastic and slightly mental Jeremiah Baptiste, the eponymous company does a bit of everything, from investigating people’s past lives to launching missions into outer space. Consider the show a grand tour of the world’s most ludicrous enterprise. Is the company destined for success? Doomed to failure? IT MATTERS.

Think the traditions of Monty PythonFry & Laurie and The League of Gentlemen, mixed in a lunch box with some bats and the worst job you’ve ever had – but mostly just the lunch box. 

★★★★ - 'Jordan's writing is carefully thought out, with the characters growing on you the more you spend time with them, so he does indeed manage to tick the truly funny box... The cast and creatives behind Global Mega Inc are perhaps better known on the fringe circuit for humorous sci-fi plays rather than sketch comedy, but this does seem like a natural sidestep, and one which they make with confidence and high-energy. You can tell they're all having a lot of a fun together in this show, and it seeps out into the performance. Whether you've been the wage slave at the bottom of the corporate pyramid or the evil manager at the top, Global Mega Inc is a relatable parody of big business which promises a good time.' - Shona Barker, Views from the Gods.

★★★★ '... absurdist humour that would have done the Monty Python team proud... not only was it funny, it was thought-provoking, while still putting across different points of view... on the strength of their latest material, Bad Bat have acquired a new found confidence and ‘maturity’ (if that’s the right word to use for comedy!) in their work as they broaden their material and write not only gags, but have something to say about today’s world.' - Michael Davis, Female Arts.

The show ran at the Etcetera Theatre in Camden, London to sell out audiences in April 2015.

Starring Cliff Chapman, Emma Stirling, Adam Joselyn, Ellen Gallagher & Steve Jordan. Written by Steve Jordan, Ellen Gallagher, Adam Joselyn & Graeme Hurry.