Upcoming performances:
Non-Player Characters. Etcetera Theatre. London.

Past performances:
The Future Boys - Live Sitcom Recording! Leicester Square Theatre. London. 7.15pm.
30th March 2017

Super Global Mega Incorporated: Turbo. Leicester Square Theatre. London. 7pm.
2nd June 2016
4th June 2016

The Ghost Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore. Tristan Bates Theatre. Covent Garden, London.
7th March - 19th March 2016.

King Chaos. Tristan Bates Theatre. Covent Garden, London.
10th August 2015- 15th August 2015.

Global Mega Incorporated. Etcetera Theatre. Camden, London.
16th April 18th April 2015.

Pilgrim Shadow / A Recipe for Disaster - a comedy double bill. The Dugdale Centre. Enfield, London.

20th November - 22nd November 2014.

The Probleming. Tristan Bates Theatre. Covent Garden, London.

28th July - 2nd August 2014.